Salsation Fitness offers SALSATION®, ROOTZ by Salsation®, CHOREOLOGY by Salsation® and MOVE FOREVER by Salsation® Masterclasses.

Masterclasses are different to regular classes because they are taught by a "Master" of the program and are usually one-off special classes.

Masterclasses are lead by Elite Instructors, Elite Trainers and Master Trainers only.

These types of instructors and trainers have been through auditions and/or exams set out by Alejandro Angulo and/or his team of Master Trainers.   This ensures that the person leading the Masterclass is knowledgeable, experienced, and charismatic!

Masterclasses are public events that can be attended by everyone (no dance experience required, however, age restrictions may apply).

Whether you are new to the world of Salsation Fitness or a seasoned instructor there is always something to learn and/or experience in these classes!

Interested in finding a Masterclass near you?

If you would like to host a Masterclass please contact any of the Elite Instructors, Elite Trainers, or Master Trainers near you.