Become an instructor

Become an Instructor and be an inspiration for others!
Salsation Fitness offer Instructor Trainings for: SALSATION®, CHOREOLOGY by Salsation®, ROOTZ by Salsation® and MOVE FOREVER by Salsation® ! Instructor Trainings are a 1 to 2 day training session taught by Master Trainers after which you will receive a certificate of completion and will officially be a certified instructor!

Receive the training methodology, principles, and learn what makes our programs so effective and successful. Participants will leave their training sessions with all the tools and resources required to teach a successful class!

Dig deeper into the basic knowledge received during the Workshops and get a better understanding and set of tricks on how to apply them. Take the stage and start inspiring others to live better!

Only certified instructors are allowed to teach the above programs! All certified instructors are listed on our online instructor directory. If you cannot find your name on the list, please contact us to be added!

Why stop at one program? Train in multiple Salsation Fitness programs to boost your career and improve your teaching skills!

All our trainings are available in multiple languages.

Interested in finding an Instructor Training near you?

If you would like to host an Instructor Training please contact any of our Master Trainers near you.