You have spent hours watching some of your favorite music videos. Ever thought about how much fun it would be to move and dance like your favorite artist and the dancers?    Here is your chance, this is the program for you!

CHOREOLOGY by Salsation® takes the art of teaching commercial street dance to a whole new level!   Learn some of the movements you have seen in a fun, easy way through proper teaching and easy to understand breakdowns.

Go home after an inspirational 60 minutes class feeling like a dance star!

No previous dance experience is required. If you have a body, then you can move!

Come move, groove and let your body approve!

CHOREOLOGY by Salsation® is a layering style dance class taught in a revolutionary way to the sounds of pop, urban and hip hop music!

Who better to head such a program than the one and only Tony Stone (USA/ITALY)! Tony has trained dancers and choreographed for companies and artist such as Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Beyonce, BMW, Destiny’s Child, NIKE, Christina Aguilera, Mercedes, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Gwen Stefani, G-Star and Gucci just to name a few. His choreography has been featured in many, many shows all over the world.

Tony’s awards and accolades include being a two-time winner of Best Presenter/Instructor of the year as well as a two-time nominee for Best Choreographer of the year all in New York City.   He received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Barcelona and was the winner of the Nike/World Class Top 15 Instructor/Choreographers in Moscow, Russia.

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