Choreology Class with Anaïs Launay on Thursday at 20:30 in LOMBEZ, France
Choreology Class with Claudia Thiele on Monday at 21:15 in Düsseldorf, Germany
Choreology Class with Eka Yahya on Saturday at 10:00 in Wangsamaju, Malaysia
CHOREOLOGY class with Emilia Kusznir-Mącznik on Monday at 20:00 in Zielona Góra, Poland
CHOREOLOGY class with Nanna Jelbert on Wednesday at 18:30 in Odense, Denmark
Choreology Class with Lena Schmiedlechner on Monday at 19:00 in Ostermiething, Austria
CHOREOLOGY class with Eka Yahya on Thursday at 20:30 in PETALING JAYA, Malaysia
Choreology Class with Luis Eduardo Granado Principe on Monday at 18:30 in Gdansk, Poland
CHOREOLOGY class with Sonia Zwoleńska on Monday at 19:00 in Warszawa, Poland
Choreology Class with Karolina Grychnik on Saturday at 10:30 in Katowice, Poland