Kamila Wierzyńska

Kamila Wierzyńska



SALSATION  Master Trainer 

CHOREOLOGY  Master Trainer 

MOVE FOREVER  Basic Instructor 

Kamila Wierzynska (KAMI) - SALSATION® Master Trainer, CHOREOLOGY AND ROOTZ Master Trainer,

Qualified Ballroom Professional Dancer and Trainer and the finalist of many national and international ballroom competitions all over the world.

Born in Poland, found her lover for dance during her childhood learning her first moves and performing at the JUNIOR DANCE ACADEMY. 

Kamila graduated from University receiving Master Degree in SPORT PEDAGOGY AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION as well as DANCE ACADEMY AND FITNESS where she discover her passion for teaching.

After attending a SALSATION® training in 2015 she totally fell in love with the program, its ideology, quality, focus on education and decided to dedicate her life into learning and growing with SALSATION.

With more than 15 years experience in the dance and dance fitness industry she presented in different events, giving workshops, masterclasses, and trainings abroad: Poland, Korea, Japan, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and more.

„Dancing and teaching is my real love! It s a big pleasure to share my experience with the people all over the world. It gives me incredible satisfaction and joy!“

Follow: @kami_yoyo

email: kami@salsationfitness.com

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Kamila Wierzyńska & Yoandro Ulloa Hechavarria

09 Mar 2024


In person - Bologna, Italy



Kamila Wierzyńska

01 May 2024


In person - Demand, Germany

€195.00 €98.00

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