Mikaela Boström

Mikaela Boström



SALSATION  Elite Instructor 

CHOREOLOGY  Basic Instructor 

MOVE FOREVER  Basic Instructor 

Long story short: I've been a dancer my whole life and my dream was to become a professional dancer, travelling the world and sharing my love for dance with others. But I had to stop when my professional career had just begun because of an injury. So I stopped dancing completly for 1 year and I hated how empty I felt without dance in my life.

I tried other types of fitness and training forms but I didn't fall in love with those forms of physical activity, like I had been with dancing. Then my mother brought me to my first Salsation event, back in 2016, a masterclass and workshop with the SMT for Scandinavia, Nanna, and I fell in love - got hooked straight away! A big plus and happy surprise for me was that my injuries did not stand in my way, and today I am actually living my dream of being a professional dancer sharing my passion for this program with people from all over the world.

Salsation is not just a fitness program, it is so much more and I'm in love because my body gets challenged physically every time, but my mind, heart and soul get even more. With the movements and music that weaves together, creating a world to let go and be free within. No Salsation class is same as another but the magic persists in all of them <3

Feel free to come and join my classes, both live and online, and let's create magical parties together!

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