Natasha Bakhmat

Natasha Bakhmat



SALSATION  Master Trainer 

CHOREOLOGY  Master Trainer 

MOVE FOREVER  Basic Instructor 

Hi, I am Natasha aka NataCha

Natasha is from Ukraine. She is a professional dancer and choreographer. Graduate in Kiev (Ukraine) where she is finish National Dance Academy, her talents reach from theatre performances, work with famous singers, to performances with show ballet and dance companies, mainly in Ukraine, Russia, China and others counties too.

From 2011 I am became a SALSATION® MASTER TRAINER and join SALSATION® TEAM.
In 2018 I am became a Choreology MASTER TRAINER by SALSATION®

Natasha has more then 10 years of experience in dance. She traveling the world teaching and training people. And sharing her knowledge, experience, love and passion for dance with all you.

I am so happy that i can combine my two biggest passion in my life DANCE and FITNESS. And i am so glad that i can share all this with people on my classes, workshops, masterclasses and Fitness Conventions.

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