RuMz Dominic

RuMz Dominic



ID  102238 

SALSATION  Master Trainer 

ROOTZ  Basic Instructor 

CHOREOLOGY  Master Trainer 

MOVE FOREVER  Basic Instructor 

Hello my name is Rumz Dominic and I am the SALSATION and CHOREOLOGY by Salsation Master Trainer for Qatar!

I was born and raised in UAE, Abu Dhabi. However, i am currently permanently residing in Qatar for more than 10 years.Dancing came to me at a very young age and as i grew up i started taking few dance classes and discovering my passion for different styles-mainly Hip-Hop and Latin Rhythms.Later, I worked as a Hip-Hop dance instructor for 3 years and since then i haven't stopped dancing. I also have more than 8 years of experience in Martial Arts. I obtained my 3 Dan Black Belt in Shorin-Ryu which is one of the oldest styles of karate.

Later on, i decided to join the crowd and try different dance fitness programs. It was such a delight to have my two favorite things, Dance and Fitness come together. I was very much into what i was doing, but then i discovered SALSATION®. After attending a SALSATION® training in Hamburg, i fell head over heels for this program. The energy, the passion, the moves, the music, and the techniques, were incomparable to any other dance fitness programs that i had tried before. Since then, my heart, my mind and my body are completely Salsationalized.
It is a beautiful thing when something blows you away, and SALSATION® does that for me. And, i would like to share my love for SALSATION®, my love for dance, my passion, and positive energy,with whoever comes my way.

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