Motion To Emotion by SALSATION® Seminar with Nanna, Online, Global, 07 April 2024

SALSATION® is a fun and addictive, functional dance workout!


Nanna Jelbert / Master Trainer



SALSATION® is a fun and addictive, functional dance workout!

Welcome to the launch of
Motion To Emotion by SALSATION® Seminar

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The birth of the Motion To Emotion workshop came from the origin of the SALSATION® philosophy - MOVE & BE MOVED

Emphasizing the emotional aspect of the program and diving deep into the strong core of quality which SALSATION® presents and represents. Now we are launching the next step in this educational panel. 

This pilot & launch of this seminar is open for everyone!

In the future this educational tool will only be available for TROUPERS - active SALSATION® instructors. 
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Motion to Emotion is an education tool, where your trainer will take you on a journey to the core meaning of SALSATION® and how we use musicality, lyrical expression, and the connection of our motions with our emotions. 

By joining this seminar you can expect:

- To gain a brighter knowledge of the emotional impact the program has, how its being carried out, respected and the entire SALSATION® philosophy

- To improve your personal growth and confidence in expressing and allowing you to feel the music more thorough (and for instructors to teach accordingly but in balance for the wanted result with your students.)

- To drive and build energy - a very important and core subject of this seminar 

- A series of drills and education leading you to feel empowered, motivated and inspired for your future steps with SALSATION®, no matter if you are a student or an instructor 

+ much, much more. 

Our emotions shapes our reality - our lifes.

Duration: 6 hours 

12:00 - 18:00 BERLIN TIME

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This seminar will guide you through how we aplly this knowledge naturally in SALSATION® and what lasting effect it will have in more areas of your daily life once applied. 

See you all at the launch of the Motion To Emotion by SALSATION® Seminar! 

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