Vladimir Gerónimo

Vladimir Gerónimo



SALSATION  Master Trainer 

CHOREOLOGY  Master Trainer 

MOVE FOREVER  Basic Instructor 

Hello my name is Vladi and I am your SALSATION, ROOTZ and CHOREOLOGY by Salsation Master Trainer in Germany.

Vladimir Gerónimo comes from Santo Domingo, the Capital of the Dominican Republic. He loves music since he was a child - music means everything to him. He learned how to dance Reggae and Merengue in the streets of the Dominican Republic

He felt in love with live music and started to visit concerts of Merengue, Salsa, Bachata and Son. Tropical Music was and still is his favorite kind of music. At the age of 10 he started to write and sing his own songs. With 18 years old he started to dance Modern Jazz and Hip Hop thinking in” it is never too late to start”.

He moved to Germany in 2011 and started to dance Hip Hop and to learn different styles. In 2014 he got in contact with Salsation®Fitness for the first time. He always says he felt in love with Salsation® - that is, why he is giving his best to share the love for dance and the love for music.

He is the best example to explain what Dance Never Felt So Good means.

Visit his classes, Workshops and Trainings. You will never forget that experience!!!

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Vladimir Gerónimo

04 May 2024


In person - Bonn, Germany



Ola Michalska & Addin Arif & Vladimir Gerónimo

01 Jun 2024


In person - Lehrte/Hannover, Germany


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