Master trainers are the backbones of the Salsation Fitness programs we offer.    Handpicked by Alejandro Angulo himself, you will find that all our Master Trainers are unique and different with various backgrounds!

The word “Salsa” in SALSATION® is referring to the sauce and its many different spices/ ingredients which vary depending on its origin!   The Master Trainer’s individuality forms part of our Salsa and is what makes our programs so unique.

Their roles do not stop at leading instructor trainings or workshops at conferences and events around the world!    They continue to stay in contact with all their instructors and help them along their career path!

They are amazing mentors, resources, brand ambassadors on and offline, responsible for finding hosts and sites for events, and helping to further our programs!

All of our Master Trainers have something in common: they are truly passionate about education, inspire those around them and are the most grounded people you meet!

Please find all our actual Master Trainers below. Please contact them using the contact information on their profiles if you wish to book them for your next event!

Natasha Bakhmat
Federica Boriani
Javier Calderon
Grace Casalino
Sheldon Christiaan
RuMz Dominic
Pipo Franco
Vladimir Gerónimo
Manuel Goiana
Dorian Greyfox-  Dupin de Majoubert
Nanna Jelbert
Angelika Kiercul
Diana Kukizz Kurucová
Viktorija Manzinni
Rocío Maro
Tamas Marx
Mohd Muzri Mhd Yussof
Ronald Morales Dubes
Klaudio Reies
Roxana Rodríguez
Yoyo Sanchez
Will Sanchez
Claudia Thiele
Julia Trotskaya
Kamila Wierzynska