MOVE FOREVER by Salsation® (“MOVE FOREVER”) is a group fitness program that encompasses innovative and cutting edge Functional Training workouts created by Salsation Fitness and the Institute of Human Performance (IHP).

Want a 60min workout that will provide you with functional strength that just won’t quit?    This workout provides an option that is safe, fun, efficient and effective.    It is all about taking care of YOUR body and providing you with the knowledge and foundations to allow you to MOVE FOREVER!

Whether you are a professional dancer, instructor, or full time mother each participant of MOVE FOREVER is seen and valued as a SALSATION® Athlete!    We take the approach that all participants are high level athletes.

Salsation Fitness has teamed together with the famous IHP to provide you with high quality workouts that will blow you away!

Juan Carlos “JC” Santana (founder of IHP) is referred to as United States of America’s leading practitioner of functional fitness.   His advanced understanding of biomechanics and conditioning have made him the go-to guy for those interested in reaching their optimal performance levels. For the last 30 years he has been raising the bar in the fitness industry.   IHP has also been recognised by several prestigious awards as the top training and core training facility in the world.

Ruben Payan Jr (IHP Asia and Powerful Human®) is many things but above all he defines himself by a mission and a vision.   His is to share his life experiences and those he gained pioneering the fitness industry in China to motivate athletes, coaches, corporate executives and everyday people to reach their full potential.   Ruben’s success climbing the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents, is set to culminate with an eighth and final climb, his 2016 expedition to scale K2.

But his adventures as a mountain climber are just part of his fascinating story. He is also a successful American entrepreneur – first landing in China in 2007 with little more than a suitcase and a plan to study Chinese martial arts – who went on to build HUMAN IN MOTION, the nation’s No. 1 fitness studio; IHP China, Asia’s leading source of functional training education; numerous high-level athletes; and a successful reputation delivering corporate wellness programs.

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