The Program Heads:    our DREAM TEAM!    They are the life blood of Salsation Fitness!    We are humbled to be able to work together with such great talents such as Ruben Payan Jr, Indee Styla, and Tony Stone!

Indee Styla: Indee Styla is one of the most representative artists of the international female hip hop scene.    Multifaceted, she captures her audience with strength and sensuality while delivering a universal message with an explosion of energy and charisma!    We are honoured to have her as the Program Head of ROOTZ by Salsation™

Tony Stone:    Who better to head CHOREOLOGY by Salsation® than the one and only Tony Stone (USA/ITALY)!    Tony has trained dancers and choreographed for companies and artist such as Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Beyonce, BMW, Destiny’s Child, NIKE, Christina Aguilera, Mercedes, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Gwen Stefani, G-Star and Gucci just to name a few.   His choreography has been featured in many, many shows all over the world.

Tony’s awards and accolades include being a two-time winner of Best Presenter/Instructor of the year as well as a two-time nominee for Best Choreographer of the year all in New York City.   He received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Barcelona and was the winner of the Nike/World Class Top 15 Instructor/Choreographers in Moscow, Russia.

Ruben Payan Jr: “Ain’t no mountain high enough”!    Ruben Payan Jr (IHP Asia and Powerful Human®) is many things but above all he defines himself by a mission and a vision.    His is to share his life experiences and those he gained pioneering the fitness industry in China to motivate athletes, coaches, corporate executives and everyday people to reach their full potential. Ruben’s success climbing the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents, is set to culminate with an eighth and final climb, his 2016 expedition to scale K2.

But his adventures as a mountain climber are just part of his fascinating story.   He is also a successful American entrepreneur – first landing in China in 2007 with little more than a suitcase and a plan to study Chinese martial arts – who went on to build HUMAN IN MOTION, the nation’s No. 1 fitness studio; IHP China, Asia’s leading source of functional training education; numerous high-level athletes; and a successful reputation delivering corporate wellness programs.    It is an honour to be working with Ruben and the Institute of Human Performance (IHP) on developing cutting edge Functional Training workouts for MOVE FOREVER by Salsation™.