ABOUT ROOTZ by Salsation®

Have you ever imagined a dance class that is accessible to all audiences but doesn’t skimp on quality? One where you can learn pro dance skills, have fun and get fit, without the risk of injury?

ROOTZ by Salsation® offers all of this through a dynamic and intuitive methodology that connects you with body, soul and music. Rooted in the origins of dance, this program will guide you through a variety of soulful and social styles including Hip Hop, Dancehall, African Dance and House.  

These dances intuitively connect you to yourself and others through the beautiful experience of moving to a beat together. You’ll leave feeling a visceral empowerment of your spirit and a feeling that you are a part of something timeless.

The ROOTZ by Salsation® program focuses on musicality, quality of movement, expression and body awareness. But first and foremost, ROOTZ focuses on the intention and purpose behind the dance: feeling great in our bodies and raising our vibration! You’ll improve your movements and musical perception in a way that feels natural and accessible no matter what level of dance experience you have. You may even experience new levels of positivity and energy after learning these dynamic social dance styles!

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