ABOUT ROOTZ by Salsation®

Ever wondered what it is that makes good dancers addictive to watch?    Their movements are natural, exuding a natural flow and energy that even non-dancers can see and feel.    These dancers are different because they are grounded and connected to the roots - to something ancient that runs within all of us.

ROOTZ by Salsation® is a special dance program that will take you on a journey of discovery through a fusion of dance styles: Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afro, and House. Learn not only the movement but the origin, attitude, respect and … the deep call of these styles from their source: their ROOTZ! !

Indee Styla is one of the most representative artists of the international female hip hop scene.    Multifaceted, she captures her audience with strength and sensuality while delivering a universal message with an explosion of energy and charisma!

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