What can you expect from a SALSATION® class?

The class is a 60-minute group fitness dance workout lead by a certified SALSATION® instructor.    The carefully structured warm-up is specifically designed to improve range of motion, body awareness and musicality.

The warm-up is split between isolations and dynamic moves choreographies.    The isolations exercises, a total “must” in the dance world, helps participants learn to isolate specific body parts.    Paired with dynamic moves, the participant’s body and mind is prepared for everything that follows in the class.

Following the warm-up, the instructors will use fix choreographies to different songs, including among other genres: Latin, Dancehall, African and Pop music.   Instructors use body cueing to guide participants through each song, without disturbing the flow and energy of each song.    Participants will find themselves feeling the music throughout their body and being swept away with the emotions of the singer.    Instructors can decide to take a few very short breaks to explain the lyrics or improve their participants dance skills with some helpful tips.

The class ends with a cool down and stretching.

Participants exit the class with an overall feeling of happiness and accomplishment.

Participants usually fall in love with SALSATION® because they notice incredible improvements in their core strength, body’s range of motion and dance skills!

SALSATION® is a dance fitness program that provides a safe and healthy full body workout that helps people improve their movements and musicality!

Our classes are held around the world.

Want to become a SALSATION® instructor?